How Europe Migrant Crisis will Save Africa

Hope of good governance in Africa rests currently in the hands of European Nations- a union that might soon be overwhelmed with African led migrate crisis. Needless to say that, unless European Nations join African leaders that are strongly fighting corruption to end bad governance in Africa, the world might be seeing the last of once powerful empire that helped to innovate mankind to a technologically laden world. Explorations and exploitations of Africa and other under-developing countries for financial and economic gains many centuries ago by European nations has now created the worst impending humanitarian crisis in our global village. The Berlin conference was convened in the past to explore and exploit Africa and other primitives’ islands for purely financial and economic gains; today, the unintended consequences of the decisions taken in that Berlin conference will soon play out unless, European Union fight the war from the source by enforcing good governance in Africa. European nations invested handsomely on exploration projects many decades ago, they lost the lives of some of their young promising brave men and women that made the initial explorations a success story. The unintended consequences of European Nations’ premeditated decisions many centuries ago will now plunge the world into global recession by 4th quarter of 2016; hopefully, African policy makers are making adequate plans to reduce the effects of the recession in the continent.

We should remember that no sane mind will invest in any kind of project without absolute expectations of some kind of returns (monetary or goodwill). That singular decision taken by the European nations many centuries ago to increase their economy power actually was the unmaking of Africa that created huge economic and financial disenfranchisement in the continent. All functional cultural institutions and value systems were technically and factually allowed to disintegrate; giving room to “divide and conquer strategies” Corruption actually became an acceptable ways of doing things in many of those countries as long as one is in the good books of the conquered governments. Corruption was literally magnified into chronic corruption that gave birth to bad governance. Bad governance no doubt became the acceptable ways of technically destroying such countries for European gains; in so doing, most of the countries became non viable entities and created safe-havens for religious and militant extremist groups that are now driving Africans away from the shores of Africa.

Europe is now crying like a new born baby simply because, Middle Easterners, people from war-devastated countries, and some people from Eastern Europe are running to them for their daily bread. What do you think would happen by the fourth quarter of next year when many African countries will slide into recession and all presumed survival roads leading to Europe? The biggest menace confronting Europe Union right now should be viewed with utmost concern because of number of Africans that might want to migrate to Europe when hunger and starvation overwhelm them. Out of population over 1.2 billion people in Africa, over 70% are already in abject poverty, so once global recession arrives, close to 85% might slide into poverty pushing those already in poverty into chronic poverty.

The ongoing Malta conference on European migrant crisis can only have temporary effects on the crisis because the adopted strategy was simply for the interest of European Union(increasing aids to Africa, giving African leaders to share again), without helping African Nations to conquer Chronic Corruption, the migrant crisis would triple by 2017 thereby devastating European economies. Great Britain is still in the process of deporting about 29,000 Nigerians back to a country that is struggling to pay their workers, would this act not be viewed as inhumane on such a developed country like Britain? Nigeria as a sovereign country needs serious help to get out from the bottom of the deep hole the politicians plunged the country into, so Great Britain (incidentally the colonial master of Nigeria) should in the spirit of “common wealth” temper justice with mercy.

The current European fiscal policy of “quantitative easing” might likely come to an end by middle of next year, pushing European Nations to join the bandwagon of nations sliding into recession. Good governance in Africa must be seen as a panacea to ending European migrant crisis and failure to accomplish such task (good governance) will definitely devastate the economies of European Nations. The battle line has been drawn in many African countries trying to curb chronic corruption out of their systems, the onus is now on European Union on whose side to be on ( anti graft governments/ poor masses or the corruptly enriched political class). He that is down fears no fall, Africa is really down and if European Union would not make concrete efforts to pull Africa out from that pit, Africa might eventually pull European Union down.

Authored By;

Christopher Okoli (Nigerian-American Investment Advisor) November 12th 2015

Twitter; @chrisokoli2

Fb; chris ogboo okoli