Terrorism is the unintended consequences of many centuries of lies passed from one generation to another by all religious leaders, because repeated lies will eventually seem to be true before others as time goes on. Most of the global religious beliefs have been configured on lies from the past leaders of thoughts and it is becoming increasingly difficult for mankind to turn away from such belief systems. Human race was supposed to be exclusively focused on God, but when Adam got entangled with evil, realization of his nakedness appeared to him and he ran away from God. Both Christians and Muslims will continue to attest that God is the epitome of LOVE, so the acts of men have created biased channels that are not likely be approved by God.

The two major religious groups (Christians and Muslims) have continually and constantly persecute one another from the ages past. For those that believe in the bible like I do, the most notorious terrorist known to Christians was Saul, (an unbeliever who derived so much joy in slaughtering Christians). Saul however, had a personal encounter with God, converted to Christianity, changed his name to Paul and wrote most of the New Testament books of the bible.

To Muslims, the dreadful acts of Christian Knights (Christian armies that persecuted non-Christians in the past) remain in the hearts of young Muslims. Sometimes, by simply changing our belief systems, we can definitely change the way other people appear to us. It has been proven that using military might to change perceive evils only results in temporary remedies, because the perceived evil will definitely reemerged with more dreaded forces. When Soul was slaughtering Christians in the past, God would have instantly killed him, but instead, He chose to use Soul to prove to mankind that LOVE is more powerful than MILITARY FORCES. Christians know the rest of the story because Soul name was eventually changed to Paul and he preached the gospel more than the chosen disciples of Jesus Christ.

The dreadful terrorist attacks of September 911, Paris Deadly attack,  ISIS downing of Russian jet,  Boka Haram slaughtering of innocent lives in West Africa, constant killing of innocent lives in Iraq,  Iran, Libya, Kenya, Nigeria and other parts of the world could have all been prevented with little mental reconfigurations of our minds. Human mind is nothing but a domesticated and educated animal, and whosoever performs such act on any human being, literally becomes the technical owner of such individual. Religious radical groups are technically not nationally constituted military groups and fighting such radicalized, extremist, mindless groups with constituted armies can never achieve the desired goal of peace and unity.

The United States with the superior military might went after Al-Qaida shortly after the worst deadly terrorist act in the history of the country, killing the radicalized military insurgent group leaders, and the leftovers from Al-Qaida joined other emerging extreme radicalized religious groups to continue the perpetuation of deadly and dreadful acts on innocent people.

When will our global leaders revisit the adopted strategy (fighting fire with fire) with regards to terrorism in our global village? For many decades in Africa, the future of young Africans were being mortgage by African leaders while the whole world watches such terrorist acts without concrete efforts to end such corrupt intellectual terrorist acts. The terrorist attacks of financial looting that took place in Africa many decades ago, however, have left disillusioned individuals to be easily manipulated by wicked and devilishly individuals hiding under the umbrellas of religion.

The God that revealed Himself to both Christians and Muslims is full of LOVE and never encourages killing on His behalf. The minds of men are inherently wicked towards one another, if it is not Class warfare, it is Racism, and if it is not Racism, then it is Terrorism. Who knows what will come next if mankind applies the given wisdom to conquer terrorism? Ending terrorism in our troubled world really requires religious re-orientation of followers and reconfiguration of our gullible mindsets. We must all remember that the fall of mankind started when Eve made Adam took his eyes of God, and they both realized that they were naked; ever since then, the foolishness of man has been magnified to a level that is difficult to comprehend with naked eyes. Human Beings must take their eyes away from themselves and refocus those on God, because that is the only way True Love can return back to our world. The European Migrant Crisis and surging global terrorist acts must be approached from different strategies because winning the presumed wars, must start with cutting off the Supply string of unemployed youths that are willing to be recruited by the radicalized religious extreme groups; by technically encouraging Good Governance in Africa and other under developing countries.

The unintended consequences of lies, misappropriated, overlooked, denied justices will eventually perpetuate unwanted and ungodly acts in any society. It is quite unfortunate that mankind has been able to probe our Space, advanced so much in technology, and even built robots to probe our beneath, yet we have not been able to amicably resolve lingering differences among ourselves. The truth they said is bitter, but only the truth can set mankind free. Mankind must do a meticulous probe of human beings because human race is increasingly walking towards race destructive tunnels. The recent terrorist attacks on Paris might likely cost the global village over $30 billion, not counting the lives of fine young men and women; actually the attacks would help to escalate the fourth quarter global recession.

Authored By;

Christopher Okoli (Nigerian-American based Investment Advisor)