COP21 Parish 2015(gathering of over 150 nations), just signed death warrant on crude oil and other major environmental pollutants.

Oh Crude Oil! Where would mankind be today without your help?

Once US Fed starts to increase interest rate, you will definitely continue to slide downward, but be very careful, because if your price goes up, you will present inflationary fear that would make US Fed increase the velocity of interest rate increases.

The nations that failed to plan your end are now groaning in brutal and great agony!

You created your sudden end time, because if you had not jumped to almost $150 when US Fed was devaluing King Dollar, mankind would have not looked for alternative source of energy?

US Fed will determine your fate on the 16th of December 2015, sorry you really scared them, and I am not sure they will be willing to handle another gruesome episode from you again.

Nonetheless, thanks for your unequal service to humanity, you have really helped.

Do you realize how close you were to crumbling the US economy? Oh Crude! You were embarrassingly and fearfully close to pulling down the greatest economy in the world.

You are responsible for China’s slowing economic growth for many quarters now!

You are forcing import-oriented nations to drastically cut down their imports from China, thereby killing China’s economy that saved the global village from the last recession.

Who will now save mankind from the 2016 fourth quarter global recession?

You are now forcing countries to devalue their currencies, thereby creating untold hardships to citizens of those countries.

Oh Crude Oil! Sweet Crude, you were once a source of happiness to many people, but now, look at what your decades of love has caused mankind.

You gave mankind, millions of good paying jobs! You commanded enormous wealth!

You controlled your flow, empowered so many countries! You turned nations against nations! Oh Crude Oil! Because of you, millions of innocent souls were massacred just to secure your path!

Your discovery created so much wealth to nations and families! Your departure would leave many nations and families poorer than before!

We hate to let you go, but you are no longer friendly to our environment, and your continued stay will jeopardize our future!

Mother Nature might descend on us if we refuse to let you go, so with tears and joyful emotions, we say thanks and goodbye forever.

You are dark, black and ugly, but man would spill blood to make sure you flow to where you are highly and constantly needed!

Your knowledge and understanding will empower the economy of any group that cherishes your secret!

As you approach  the end of your usefulness to mankind, please accept your impending relegation to junior league and feel the same economic pain you bestowed upon many souls when you relegated ‘Coal’ to background.

English Premier League is for the best teams, solar energy will eventually be cheaper and more affordable to millions!

Going! Going!! Gone!!! As you proceed to your graveside, we await on the verdict of your highly polluting nature that is forcing man to treat you as thief and another terror threat.

You never knew that your time would come this soon! Oh Crude! Some people said you were sweet, but how could you have been sweet when your love would force men to kill themselves to keep you flowing?

Bye Crude, as we optimistically, amazingly and joyfully welcome SOLAR! NATURAL GAS, and other clean energies, nonetheless, we still remain grateful for your contributions in the speedy civilization of mankind.

Yes, we know that you will be greatly missed, but we must say goodbye because of the despicable baggage of pains you are dropping on our environment.

Internet and Solar will envelope and usurp our lives, speed up globalization and quickly get us to One World Order.

Authored By;

Christopher Okoli (A Nigerian-American Investment Advisor)


Twitter: @chrisokoli2

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Be on the lookout for the upcoming China, Crude Oil and Currency Wars. They will greatly impact your life like you never expected.