Donald Trump is no longer known just as an American billionaire who built his empire from real estate; his name is now sending goose bumps to millions of Americans, American immigrants and those that have not even visited America. What is behind the sudden Trump mania and phobia for an American that has been an untrained, unprepared and untamed politician for less than 7 months? I really think that millions of Americans are joining this unexplainable political battle without knowing why. Win or lose, Donald Trump might unceremoniously reshape the political structure of the most powerful democratic system of government known to mankind, his political prowess might simply be the beginning of a political revolution.  He finished 2nd in Iowa Republican primary and his win in New Hampshire against the establishment candidates has just confirmed a political revolution.

Many anti and unfavorable  comments regarding American immigrants and other sovereign countries have been attributed to Mr. Trump,  portraying him as a dreadful monster before such group of people, yet his popularity surges unabated.  The unusual and unexplainable phenomenon about his presidential candidacy is that, despite all his terrorizing and bully-like utterances on such group of people like Mexicans, Nigerians, Muslims, Saudi king, African leaders and other sovereign governments, his popularity still surges in most of the polls. This unusual and unexplainable phenomenon of Trumphobia and Trumpmania Americans are beginning to look like ‘ an end to a beginning or beginning to an end ‘. The world will definitely find out after the Republican Party’s primaries if Trump is nominated as the presidential candidate, and finally by first week in November after the 2016 presidential election.

President Donald Trump will sound like a nightmare to many Americans, while the same title in his name will mean the world to many other Americans. Please stop being one of the confused Americans that are trying to figure out the political and economic effects of Billionaire Donald Trump to the world. Would you rather be a Trumphobia or Trumpmania? The choice is yours because the battle line has been drawn. Here is the establishment dilemma right now; if the Republican Party alienates the fearless billionaire, he could fund a powerful Independent party, or move to the Democratic Party with millions of his mania followers and change the political landscape of America forever. Either way, America must brace up for an unannounced political revolution being lead by Donald Trump.

A few days ago, a client of mine said to me, ‘Chris, I have never voted for the Republican Party in my life, but it looks like I will vote for Mr. Trump this time around’. For few minutes, I did not know what to tell him, and when I mustered some courage, I asked him, why? He said that “Trump is not a politician but he simply liked him, and didn’t even know why, secondly, Trump has no content in his messages, but politicians that have contents hardly fulfill their promises”. It actually dawned on me that the whole world might be in for a political revolution (when non politicians will start defeating groomed politicians in elections). I will simply hold on to my thoughts until more primaries unfold, but if the Republicans might be bullied into presenting Donald Trump as their presidential candidate in the upcoming election in November 2016, I will ignorantly and carelessly join millions of other unsuspecting America and naively vote him into power without knowing why I should do a dumb thing like that. Nonetheless, my forward looking global economic situation tend to favor the Republican candidate come November 2016 election time.

Right now, I will sheepishly remain the independently minded Democratic- Republican (an Independent minded Democrat living in a Republican state) that I have been since my first year of being an American citizen. My current political status is a diehard and unmoved Democrat supporting Hillary Clinton foolishly (heir apparent to the presidential throne), all because of what President Bill Clinton gave to the world.  My vote is currently in auto submit for Hillary Clinton, but if the Democrats shows up with someone else, then I must reroute my precious vote to Donald Trump, making me one of the reluctant  Trumpmanians. The American political arena is probably gearing up for another historical victory because Hilary Clinton (First Woman), Donald Trump (Non-politician), Bernie Sanders (Independent minded) will make history just like Barrack Obama did in 2008. 

Authored By;

Christopher Okoli (Nigerian-American based Investment Advisor) 02/01/2016


Twitter; @chrisokoli2

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