In the book of Genesis chapter 1 verses 26 to 27, God said “Let us make mankind in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”  So God fulfilled His promise and created mankind, and ever since then, He has been in a constant run to catch up with mankind,  whose basket of sins has always kept us trying to hide from God. Ever since Adam ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, mankind has made the Almighty loving God an enemy in his mind; unfortunately, we cannot outrun God.

God created man and woman gave them the carnal knowledge of multiplication, and mankind increased in numbers. The mankind God created has unknowingly and ignorantly turned into the human economic race because God originally made plans to provide everything for His beautiful creation in the Garden of Eden until Eve convinced Adam to experiment on the apple. The hearts of human beings are inherently wicked as mankind constantly quests to provide the basic necessities of life. Of course I may stand to be corrected, but regardless of one’s country, color, physical appearance, religious beliefs, tribe, Cultural, and Ethnic orientations, God created us all equally.

Even the forefathers of America (one of the greatest countries of this world) recognized the fact that all men are created equally by God, because it was enshrined in American constitution. Mankind actually turned into the human economic race because of the inherent wickedness and envious nature inherited from Adam and Eve after disobeying God. Mankind has been able to internationally, colorfully, religiously, physically, mentally and tribally divided fellow humans into “Human Economic Race” simply to kill one another in the name of love.

The human economic race has craftily and creatively perfected a system that allows the rich to take from the poor and get richer, while the poor swim in chronic poverty. How can the human race forget so easily that chronic poverty breeds hatred, and hatred can sometimes breed  chronic anger that cause some radicalized individuals to carry out inhumane actions? We all might agree or disagree that in the popular idiomatic expression of “He that is down fears no fall”, but the fact still remains that majority of inhumane actions are carried out by those who have been radicalized from their pathological chronic poverty state of minds. I am really not sure that majority of individuals that are decently comfortable in life will lend themselves to be radicalized, nonetheless we hear about handful of individuals from well to do families that have caved into the social media radicalization frenzy.

For many decades now, the human economic race has developed an arsenal of weapons and has enacted many laws simply to fight chronic hatred and radicalization, while paying little attention to the root of the problem which is the human economic race. Now, because of the free will God imbedded in a man, it is difficult to legislate man into action, without fear and force. God perfectly understands this concept, and that is why He gave Adam choice to choose between good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Governments all over the world can use love to de-radicalize most of the individuals that are already hiding in mindsets of hatred.

To win the war on chronic hatred and radicalization, the human economic race must gravitate away from a trivialized world of racial divide based on color, religion, culture and tribal orientations. The most powerful tool needed to win the war on radicalization is simply LOVE and the answers might be in the hands of God’s true servants. Pastor Chris Ayon of Calvary church Arlington, Texas, an apostle of good news gospel would convince any wicked soul to love his/her worst enemy. That church is a replica of God’s intention for mankind, because people from all parts of the world are visibly represented every Sunday, a visit will definitely convince you too. The panacea for a relatively less evil infested world is hidden in the gospel of good news and the understanding of love. The gospel of good news message is predicated on God’s limitless love for mankind based on grace.

God freely gave to mankind out of His own limitless love, and the only thing He required from mankind for His salvation is simply to believe in His love, however, the human economic race has been struggling with this fact, because our minds have been configured from early childhood to believe that nothing is free in life, thereby making this awesome free gift from God as unrealistic acceptance. Our minds have been programmed to believe that the only way we can end up in paradise will be through our righteousness, sorry, because God’s salvation is by grace and not by any one’s effort.

God has a limitless love for humans, but humans have limited love towards God and fellow humans. The gospel of good news message simply encourages men to love fellow humans regardless of their religious beliefs and color; yet, humans are quick to stereotype one another simply to carry out their evil deeds by inflicting wounds on one another. Who says Love can be legislated? It is not possible, because anytime humans pass a law to stop a perceived evil in any society; the number of such evil acts will gradually head upward. 

The human economic race might never know peace until they gravitate back to God and become mankind again by refocusing all their attentions to God. The only process to mankind must be centered on the preaching of God’s limitless love for all humans regardless of the way He created all. Jimi Hendrix once said “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” It is truly one God, one limitless love for all, one world and one mankind let the human economic race refocus their attentions on God and be enveloped with the powerful spirit of love for a better world.

Authored By;

Christopher Okoli (Nigerian-American based Investment Advisor) 02/01/2016


Twitter; @chrisokoli2

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