Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump and the winner is………….! Whatooooo!!!

American politics will definitely be marching towards another historical year, when the winner of upcoming November 8th, 2016 presidential election will be announced to the world. History was made in the last two previous elections when President Barack Obama became the first African American President in November of 2008.  In November of 2012, President Barack Obama made history again by becoming the first African American to win presidential re-election bid in America.

In less than two months, Americans will be looking at another historic presidential election of the following scenarios;

  1. First Female President, Hillary Clinton no doubt, would be the first American female president in the history of America. Her presidency would make the forefathers of America very proud because their beliefs system that “All men are created equal” would come into play. Many Americans might equally be looking forward to such a parity event with man that would give their daughters sense of bigger dreams and unlimited job opportunities.
  2. Donald Trump’s win would equally represent a historic event,  because never in the history of this great nation that a tongue wagging, apolitically untamed, rapacious billionaire, unrelenting, and a straight shooter has won a presidential election in America. Win or lose, Donald Trump has revolutionized the political dynamics of America forever, and he might even go the extra mile to form another powerful political party that might attract some lukewarm Republicans and Democrats.

Political establishments has never been rattled the way Donald Trump viciously attack all the political elites. He defeated the Republican Party establishment, and now, Donald Trump is set to challenge Democratic Party establishment. He has stepped on many shoes in Republican Party primaries, and right now, no sane mind can say that the Republican establishment and their cohorts are backing Donald Trump. It might not be an overstatement to describe Donald Trump as a  political orphan right now,  unless he can humble himself before the establishment and strongly unite the party; Trump’s greatest enemy is actually TIME, because the presidential election is just weeks away.

Nonetheless, writing Donald Trump of the November 8th presidential election will be a grievous mistake, because the Republican Party definitely has more to lose than him. Think of the control of Supreme Court judges for many decades to come, possibility of even losing Senate and the house also. I don’t really know what the Republican Party might be up to this very moment, but the establishment might swallow the fading pride and back Donald Trump to safeguard its political dynasty. We are all watching to see who blinks first, establishment or Donald Trump?

A close look at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clearly stands Hillary Clinton out as one of the most qualified presidential candidate in the history of America. Her intimidating record speaks volume, and her husband’s being behind her is a huge plus, but the world inhabitants are being increasingly surprised as to why some voters simply dislike her. So, the battle line has been drawn between the most qualified and prepared technocrat with an intimidating records vs. a raw, straight-shooter, unrelenting, bullying and fearless billionaire who has rightfully declared war on the gridlocked politicians.

However, when about 85% of the casted votes get tallied on the early hours of  9th November 2016, the winner will most likely be neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton, rather, the politicians that have mastered the secret power of brokering deals in keeping their interests intact for effective control of  the poor masses, will be the winner. Donald Trump might have changed the political landscape of America because there is serious need to have a strong movement to rattle and spur the politicians into action. The political gridlock in Washington simply has to come to an end.

Since I am not a political analyst, I am not willing to call the election result for Hillary Clinton just like majority of Americans have already and rightful called the presidential election result for her, but viewing the presidential election from my Investment advisory perspective, I would not want to be on the same side of the crowded boat, because it might tip over. I will regretful, stupidly, tearfully and naively call the presidential election for the worst and unqualified candidate, despite the fact that Trump’s presidential ambition is dwindling so fast. This is the first time I will be the happiest individual if my prediction will not come to pass. Meanwhile, I have decided to sympathize with other American heroes whom have decided not to exercise their electoral rights on this presidential election.

Here is an article I published on Donald Trump early in his political venture around February 2016; https://wordpress.com/post/cokoliblog.wordpress.com/198

This should not be seen as an endorsement, but here are some of my reasons for calling the presidential election for the most unqualified presidential candidate Donald Trump;

  1. Global war on political establishment. In April of 2015, history was made in Africa, when an incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria lost presidential re-election bid to Muhammadu Buhari. In February of 2016, Donald Trump equally started his own war on the Republican Party establishment by simply making a bid to the party’s presidential ticket.  In June 23rd 2016, Britain’s political establishment suffered her own defeat when results of the Brexit votes were counted against the Stay position of the political Establishment.
  2. Control of Supreme Court, the party that wins the upcoming presidential election will have the opportunity to decide what happens in America in the next forty years because the new president will appoint majority of the Supreme Court judges.
  3. Global Economic Crisis, China’s slowing economy has been drastically changing the entire trajectory of world economy. Another terrible negative economic result coming out from China might likely tilt the election result towards Donald Trump, so if you are Hilary Clinton’s supporter, simply pray against such results.
  4. Global Migrant Crisis, Chinese Economic slowdown and the demand destruction in crude oil usages have created chronic levels of economic distresses in many countries that are more dependent on crude oil. One of the primary reasons Britain’s political establishment was defeated in June of 2016 was the fear of migrant crisis that is engulfing Europe today.
  5. FEAR of FEARS; as of today, American economy is the only good house in the worst neighborhood and any sign of a major crack will definitely send the occupants scampering for their lives. American Federal Reserve has managed to keep interest rates so low for many years with the help of (the ongoing global currency devaluation war that has made every country racing to out-devalue their currencies to gain control of the shrinking export markets). The longer global interest rates stay low, the more severe the effects of the upcoming inflationary impacts on those currencies, expect some currencies to be reduced to worthless papers at the end of the global economic madness. Come November 8th 2016, the political party that would effectively utilize the POWER of FEAR wins the presidential election.

Finally, Americans will have the most cherished opportunity to decide the fate of globalization on this presidential election because the increasing surge in migrant crisis has forced Britain to start the ending process of globalization project. For my fellow Americans that would be casting their votes of this historical election, a vote for Hilary Clinton means keeping the globalization project alive, while a vote for Donald Trump means ending the globalization project. Make a wise choice when you cast your vote.

God Bless America

Authored By;

Christopher Okoli (Nigerian-American based Investment Advisor) 09/07/2016

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