Seven (7) years of global famine, tribulations and wars

Past forecasts; $25 per in 2012, Donald Trump presidency in September 2016.

Motto; Knowledge is acquired but wisdom comes from God.

Authored by Christopher Okoli (American Investment Advisor)

At a time when the American economy is operating at almost full employment and national debt is over $19 trillion dollars, the anticipated massive fiscal policy of Donald Trump will have more inflationary pressure with minimal economic impact, so the world should prepare for a global recession. However, America should now be considered one of the greatest wonders of our global village after numerous polled landslide victory for Hilary Clinton turned into an unexpected huge margin win for Donald Trump. On September 7th 2016 published article titled “Presidential Election of Supreme Court Judges on November 8th 2016”, here is the link;

I projected Donald Trump to win the election because of the following issues, Control of Supreme Court Judges, Global Migrant Crisis, and fast Approaching Global Recession. I also projected that the losers will be the poor masses as the politicians will find ways to resolve their differences in no distant time. Meanwhile, when Donald Trump joined the Republican party primaries,  majority of Americans took him as a joke, but I called him a man with a mission to change the political dynamics of America in my February 2016 published article titled ‘Trumphobians vs Trumphobians’, Here is the link;

When the Trump-led political revolution was growing and gradually gaining relevance, the mainstream media naively got on board without even knowing it. Social Media especially Twitter became the most powerful tool Donald Trump needed, and he sure did monetize it into millions of free advertisement from the mainstream media. Trumpmanians grew unabated, making Donald Trump an unceremoniously branded household name all over the world, while the Democratic Party strategists were busy chasing shadows without minding the following election winning global issues of Control of Supreme Court Judges, Global Migrant Crisis, and Decaying Global Economy

Meanwhile, the migrant crisis gradually took center stage and started surging into a global quandary without any solution in the offering. Britain quickly decided to close her borders by simply voting to leave the European Union. Wall Street saw the hand writing, while the Main Street as usual, failed to see it coming. Once again, here are few  reasons  Donald Trump is now the American President elect; Control of Supreme Court Judges, Global Migrant Crisis and Decaying Global Economy.

Control of Supreme Court Judges; US Supreme Court is ran by 9 sound judges who are appointed there for life, and upon death, the judge will be replaced by another nominated judge by the President who must be approved by the congress. Currently, there are only 8 judges because of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Once Donald Trump assumes office in January 2017, he will send a name to Republican controlled congress for quick approval, meaning that the Republican Party will once again take absolute control of the Supreme Court judges.

Global Migrant Crisis: The global migrant crisis was the primary reason that drove Britons to vote in June 26th to exit from the European Union, Italy might be the next to exit when they vote on December 2016. Americans have now voted to close their borders and I expect Italy and other countries to join the new paradigm sheet of de-globalization.  Globalization, which was sold to the world as a peaceful and business promoting tool suddenly took an unexpected draw back and is now coming to a painful end. Where does this issue of de-globalization leave Africa and other poor countries that are preparing for mass exodus from their countries because of their terrible economic environments? What a crude world of manipulators where the poor are getting poorer while the rich continue to swim in enormous wealth

Decaying Global Economy: The global economy that has been trying to recover from the 2008 credit crunch induced recession gradually turned into a snail pace and became the worst recovery in the history of mankind, because trillions of dollars were yearly injected into the global economy without adequate job creations and economic growth. The world economy is about to relapse into a more severe recession that would likely slide into the worst Great Economic Depression. Watch out for my upcoming article on the march to Great Depression.

Consequences of Donald Trump Presidency

Repatriation of over two trillions of American dollars from the world.  In 2017, once Donald Trump takes over the baton of American presidency from Barrack Obama, the king dollar will start flying back from all corners of the global village to America in accordance with Donald Trump’s promises of bringing back the king dollar and drastically cutting of business taxes. The inevitable and immediate repatriation of American dollars out of the shores of the global economy will definitely escalate the recessionary bound global economy and probably turn it into the worst Great Depression to be witnessed by the world. The prolonged global currency devaluation war has completely set the stage for the worst economic depression that the world is about to see. American interest first is one of the good intentions of President Donald Trump that would have deadly global unintended consequences. Bringing back trillions of king dollars will have minimal economic impact in American because the country is close to full employment and the ongoing war between man and machine on jobs will not help matters. Nonetheless, that action can only create global financial catastrophes and economic disasters. The global quest for increase in business profits through aggressive cost cutting measures has pitched mankind against robots, and from the look of all things, proactively minded individuals can agree with me that the robots are winning the war against mankind

Trump presidency and the new global economy. The world is now in a new paradigm shift and the unintended consequences from countries trying to secure their borders will most likely escalate the Great Depression. The countries that will fail to adequately plan for the impending economic tsunamis might not leave to tell about it when the map of the world will be redrawn.

Shift from monetary to fiscal policy

The world should expect a quick shift from decade old monetary policy to a new normal of fiscal policy. There might even be other forms of Quantitative Easing from President Donald Trump to navigate  American economy away from the immediate recession, but how long can such action save America?; because the 7 years of enormous wealth from God that started in 2009 will be replaced by 7 years of famine by the end of 31st December 2016. Expect a massive surge in declining values of purchasing power of many emerging countries’ currencies, and inflationary growth rate will surge unabated, Expect Euro to be exchanged at  about .97  to  one King Dollar before 2017 runs out. Many African countries will not be able to service their debts and cries of debt- restructuring will be heard from distant continents.

Increase in global interest rate charges
The prolonged global low interest rates has now turned into a global economic and financial enigma that is seriously yearning for an immediate solution. How long can the American Federal Reserve chairlady Janet Yelling hold global interest rates down? Rising global interest rates will definitely destroy many emerging and under developing economies, while prolonged low global interest rates will use inflation to collapse global financial system. Which of the two evils will a country be willing to accept now? Expect Janet Yelling of the American Federal Reserve Bank to let go of the fed fund rate that would help to determine the new global high interest rate charges, the world should be ready hopefully by December 2016. I pray that God can miraculously stop the hiking of fed fund rate in December to save millions of lives.

A more powerful and respected Americanism. Trump presidency will definitely make America great again, short-termed boom in economic activities in America, but the world will be more fearful about America, because President Donald Trump is not a traditional politician that wants to be politically correct at any given point in time. I seriously encourage the world not to call his bluff because he now has the four big aces.

Many scholars have written about the possibilities of third world war many decades ago, but let me simply give validity to such past expressed view points and warn that the beginning of a third world war or first Global War is now in the rear view mirror because the economic indicators are pointing towards that direction. The world has to first of all welcome  Donald Trump, the American President elect and hopefully pray that he will not deliver in some of his campaigned promises. May God save the world as our leaders battle to feed decades of seemingly surging human population with a decreasing global (Gdp) Gross Domestic Products and decaying global economic growth? The world must brace up for the upcoming Global Economic Depression that could shrink a good chunk of the world population. But above all these approaching famine, God will definitely preserve the believers that listened to His words.

God Bless America

Authored By;

Christopher Okoli (Nigerian-American wisdom-based Investment Advisor)

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