Restructure Nigeria immediately, or risk Dangers of BiafrExit

Kindly consider as a way out, Options A, B and C urgently.

Authored by Christopher Okoli- American based Investment Advisor June 2017.


Sometimes I wonder if Nigerians have ever paid any attention to the National Anthem.  Can a nation truly and technically be bound in Freedom? How can one be chained up and at the same time be a free man?, Nigeria my beloved country, something is terribly wrong somewhere; why this prolonged quest of freedom from one of the major stakeholders for over 50 years now? Social Media has apparently made it so difficult to use excessive FORCE to control a group of people.

The history of Nigeria that Nigerians were prevented from studying for so many years is all over the INTERNET, and social media is making sure that they are all available to the global village.


Martin Luther King Jr.  Once said that “if you have not found something worth dying for, then you are not fit to be living “.

Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik of Africa), reminded us in 1964 that “It is better we disintegrate in peace and not pieces”.  In a modern Nigeria, it simply means, ‘restructure or breakup’.

Obafemi Awolowo in 1947, warned about the dangers of Nigeria when he said, “Nigeria is not a nation. It is a mere geographical expression. There are no ‘Nigerians’ in the same sense as there are ‘English,’ ‘Welsh,’ or French’. The word ‘Nigerian’ is merely a distinctive appellation to distinguish those who live within the boundaries of Niger and those who do not”. Facts are facts.

Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, in 1948 revealed this to Nigerians when he said “Since 1914 the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country, but the Nigerian people themselves are historically different in their backgrounds, in their religious beliefs and customs and do not show themselves any signs of willingness to unite….Nigerian unity is only a British invention” Another fact. Nigeria has not worked the way it was put together for over 100 years now, so simply restructure and save all the tribes from the immediate bloodshed.

Looking at the above quotes from a few Nigerian great leaders, I must confess that our forefathers are much smarter than we are giving them credit for, because they were unwilling to swallow the deadly poisonous pill of Nigeria, but the external forces creatively cajoled, and configured them into accepting an unworkable plan. Apparently, when Lord Luggard knowingly and fraudulently configured Northern and Southern protectorate of Nigeria together in 1914 for the sole benefit of Britain’s interests, he never did envisaged that after 103 years later Nigeria would still remain one country.

Today, Nigeria can be described as a Boeing 787 that is loaded with 600 passengers and tons of deadly explosives, whose pilot just had a sudden heart attack and the copilot who is new to the cockpit with zero knowledge of flight time has appealed to the passengers and the control tower on how to safely land the plan with minimal casualties.

Now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, only the act of God can keep her former colonies that were fraudulently put together, because the converging tribes were carefully motivated and encouraged not to establish a real Common Purpose of Unity (CPU). Nigeria is now at the brink of violent disintegration and the only way to save the country will be an immediate granting of autonomous status to all the federating states and leaving a weak center (Federal government) to simply act as a referee and anything less might turn the country into a prolonged battle for freedom where all the tribes will incur terrible loses. 

Even military coups cannot stop the disintegration process because a generation of Nigeria with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world that has not tasted WAR is in the forefront of the freedom struggle. We are talking about a generation that is in a Digital world being governed by Analog leaders in Nigeria. The global events in the digital age has proclaimed Nigeria dead and buried and any attempt to exhume the body will have deadly and bloody consequences, therefore, the leaders must restructure before exhuming the dead country. Do I believe in Nigerian disintegration? Absolutely not! Just like many Nigerians from different tribes do not, but regardless of our justified opinions BiafrExit and Disintegration can ONLY be reversed by transparently engaging digital generation in urgent effort to RESTRUCTURE the country for a soft landing. All the TRIBAL ANALOG leaders in Nigeria must quit messing with a dangerous generation that has been globally armed with sophisticated tools of Social Media Digital Age (phone cameras and videos, Facebook platform, Instagram, Twitter, and etc..), continuous attempt to suppress and oppress them might result in Nigerian Summer.

Look at the major Losers of BiafrExit if restructuring fails;

  1. The Yorubas in the west

Ignorance can never be an excuse so before the Yorubas fuel the amber of disintegration in the country, they should pause and think how, where and when to get the numbers to fuel her economic activities. Igbos are still one of the most populated tribes in the world and that is why they are in every corner of the world. Igbos might constitute well over 50% of major cities in the western Nigeria, disagree with me but once Igbos are pushed to withdraw to their land, property values will take a deadly nosedive in these major cities. The billions of taxes Igbos are paying in Lagos and other major cities will evaporate. Demand for goods and services produced in the west will equally take a serious nosedive, leaving behind excessive inventories that both Yorubas and her new found loving neighbors might not be able to exhaust. Igbos have the population in Africa and all nations need NUMBERS to attain greatness.

  1. The Hausa Fulanis in north

Since Igbos are the number one major  consumers of goods and services produced by the Hausa Fulanis in the north withdrawing of Igbos to their land will quickly and immediately crash the economic activities in the north. Any country can function normally when millions of people are working, paying their taxes, and using their salaries to DEMAND goods and services produced in the country. So before the north walks away from granting immediate autonomous status to all the federating states, they should give a serious thought to their not fully developed economy. Nigerians terribly need each other to attain greatness but not at the present way the country was configured. Restructure the country and march towards greatness or ignore the wishes of our esteemed forefathers and face violent disintegration.

  1. The Igbos and other minority tribes in the south east / south south

There is no denial that the investment- oriented nature of Igbos allowed them to likely control close to 50% of developed properties in Nigeria today. It is equally a known fact that most of the properties are outside the shores of Igbo land where returns on properties are much higher (Law of demand and supply). Short term, Igbos will definitely not have access to the rental incomes from those properties but the survival instinct of an average Igbo man will come into play because in 1970 when the British engineered Igbo lynching ended in Nigeria, all Igbos that maintained accounts in the banks (regardless of amount) were only given £20 to start a new life. Igbos learned from the pogrom and the engineered lynching because millions of buildings were erected in Igbo land as a result of the housing scarcity faced by the massive returnees from 1966. This is a mystery for people that had a new start with ONLY  £20, I guess nobody can question the tenacious and resilient gifts of Igbos when it comes to survival.

One of the major hidden assets Igbos have in Nigeria today is over 15,000,000 Igbos living outside the shores of Africa. Apparently, the marginalization of Igbos in Nigeria since after 1970 forced the tribes to seek refuge outside the country, and today in all corners of the world, Igbos have commanding numbers of professionals in Diaspora sending billions of dollars back to Nigeria.  Expect these groups of professionals in Diaspora to act as buffer zones to their loved ones that will be forced out of Nigeria. Shortly after the Nigerian civil war, Igbo youths were indirectly configured and induced to migrate out of Nigeria because of ill treatment and deprivation of education and many other things.

The managing directors of Nigeria completely obliterated the history of Nigeria from the masses in an effort to hide the ugly past of the country, instead of addressing the injustices being meted out to the Igbos and other minorities. Evidently, Igbos were still being viewed as a conquered people as a result of the 1967- 1970 ethnic lynching engineered to the Igbos by  Britain and some other major tribes in Nigeria. Igbos were denied external help in any form or shape and without access to weapons and food, the people were able to survive an orchestrated externally  designed ethnic lynching of one of the greatest tribes in  Africa, however, the fighting spirits of Igbos kept many alive. The exact number of Igbos lynched during the 1967- 1970 process has not been ascertained but between 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 will be an educated estimate.

Finally, it would be a deadly mistake for any sane mind to think that Igbos will out rightly lose everything while the other tribes will be better off. Nigeria obviously cannot survive in this presently configured state because the battle line has been drawn between the Analog leaders vs. the Digital followers and the only way out is either Restructure or Violent Disintegration. Please for more detailed information on why Nigeria might not survive in its current form, read “Trumped Up America and the Global Unintended consequences. Igbo led analog leaders should be very careful when they talk about their digital youths led by Nnamdi Kanu because Option A (restructure and save Nigeria) is as good as Option B (refuse and face violent disintegration where everyone loses, however, Option C (Inviting Google, Apple and Amazon to buy and rebuild Nigeria) should equally be considered with minimal effort at this time.

Authored By Christopher Okoli (American Based Investment Advisor)

God Bless Nigeria, Biafra, and Africa.

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