Objective of Python Dance 2
Has it ever occurred to Nigerians that “The Python Dance 2” might be a prelude to the Nigerian army coming back to power? All the army has to do is squeeze Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB ( peaceful agitators of  Biafran state), force aggrieved  Igbo youths to reiterate by killing few Hausa  people in land, then the  army will simply give northern youths( who had already given Igbo people ‘quit notice’ to vacate northern states) green light to start killing Igbo people  in the north. Once the northern youths start killing Igbo people in the north, the army ( THE real  PYTHON) will take over power and start sharing its killed preys( Democracy and all the Freedom Fighters). May the Lord be with you all, as everyone is now a self appointed  philosopher and analyst. Knowledge is acquired but Windom comes from above. 

Authored by; Christopher Okoli.